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Introducing PrideMail powered by Google


PrideMail is the new Springfield College email system offering the following features:


  • Fully web-based system powered by Google
  • Easy to access from iPhone, Android, and other common mobile devices
  • All PrideMail addresses will  end in ""
  • 25 times the storage capacity of the previous SC webmail system
  • PrideMail can be accessed from PrideNET without logging-in a second time
  • Includes access to Google Apps, including Calendar, Documents, and Sites

PrideMail FAQs



When will I start using PrideMail?

PrideMail has been available to Springfield College students since September 5th, 2011.   Faculty and staff will begin using PrideMail in mid-December, 2011.  Technology Solutions will provide faculty and staff with additional details on the move to PrideMail in the coming weeks.


How do I access PrideMail?

PrideMail should be accessed by logging into the PrideNET portal, selecting the top ‘PrideMail’ tab and clicking on the ‘Access PrideMail’ link.


Where can I learn more about accessing and managing my PrideMail account?

PrideMail is a feature of your Springfield College PrideNET account.  Please visit our PrideNET account management support page for detailed  instructions on accessing and managing your account.


How do I change my PrideMail password or challenge questions?

PrideMail is a feature of your Springfield College PrideNET account.  Please visit our PrideNET account management support page for instructions on changing your PrideNET password or challenge questions.


What happens to the emails from my account when I begin using PrideMail?

Emails sent to your student email address after September 5, 2011 at 8pm will be forwarded to your PrideMail account for a period of time.  Your account will remain available, so that you can  manually forward any emails you would like copies of, to your PrideMail address (


Can I manage any other email accounts through my PrideMail account?

Yes.  Please visit this link to learn more about this feature.


Can I have PrideMail and another Gmail account open at the same time?

Yes.  PrideMail features an option to sign-in under multiple Google accounts.  Please visit this link for more information on this feature.


Can I access PrideMail using my iPhone, Android, or other mobile device?

Yes.  Please contact the Technology Solutions Center at 413-748-4872 for assistance setting up PrideMail on your mobile device.


How much storage space do I get with my PrideMail account?

Your PrideMail account has 7.5GB of storage space.  This is more than 25 times the amount of the previous Springfield College mail system!


What Google Services are available to use with my PrideMail account?

PrideMail powered by Google currently supports Google Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Google Docs, Sites, and Google Talk.  Additional services may become available at a later date.


Can I still email a professor / student / staff member through PrideMail if I don't know their email address?

Yes.  PrideMail features the ability to search on any part of a Student, Faculty or Staff name and returns the address book listing meeting that search criteria for all active Springfield College email addresses.  You may also find a Student, Faculty or Staff email address by creating a new message and then typing the name of the person you wish to contact in the "To:" field (typeahead feature).


Will my (calendar, address book, etc) on my mobile device sync with my PrideMail account?

This feature is currently being tested and will be available soon.  Be sure to visit this site regularly for updates on new features and their release dates.


Will I get to keep my PrideMail account after I leave Springfield College?

Yes.  Once you are given a PrideMail account, it will remain active, even after you leave Springfield College.


I am a faculty or staff member.  Should I do anything to prepare for the migration to PrideMail?

Faculty and staff will be provided detailed instructions on preparing for the transition to PrideMail during the coming weeks.  One thing all faculty and staff can do today is to enable synchronization of their Lotus Notes local address book with their webmail contacts.  


Instructions on doing this can be found at this link.  You can also download a video demonstration of the instructions here.

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